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Gentleman's Dub Club



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Gentleman's Dub Club's third full-length, released in 2017, on standard black vinyl. It includes 11 of the 13 songs from the sequence (it is missing "Fade Away" and "Sun Kissing.") It comes with a download card to get MP3s of the entire sequence including the missing tracks.

Fans of the Gentleman’s Dub Club will be pleasantly surprised by the number of high-energy bangers in Dubtopia. This transition came as a result of their natural musical refinement, channeling the energy of their live performances, and honing in their songwriting technique and studio skills. Layers of sonic vocal harmonies and multi-part horn lines on a bed of deep dancefloor-friendly dub make Dubtopia; From the one-drop rhythm of “Dancing In The Breeze” to the featured vocal changeup of “Fire In The Hole,” it is reminiscent of something out of the Major Lazer camp. Dubtopia provides an instant getaway from the drop of the needle down to its last track. “Let A Little Love,” “In Your Heart,” and “Sun Kissing” show a delicate balance of sweet and upbeat that is sure to put smiles on faces. Staying true to their name, dub-effects gracefully overlay the entire album with drops at just the right moments.

“The sound from Gentleman’s Dub Club is traditionally rather complex with various dynamics confronting the listener. Embedded within their music, hard at work behind the speakers and often overlooked, listeners will find hints of reverb, electro synths, keys, subtle harmonies and additional undertones to complete their overall dub-centric, roots reggae sound.” -The Pier

“Dubtopia blends the diverse influences the band has been exposed to in their 11 years of history, and [GDC] once more managed to unreel a remarkable instrumental carpet to fly away upon.” -Reggaeville

“Gentleman’s Dub Club are one of the premier dub/reggae acts out there today. They’re the total package. The lyrics are always poignant, soulful and enlightening…the band can jump genres with ease from reggae to dancehall or dub to ska…and their albums are always a joy to listen to.” -ReadJunk

“As always, the Club delivers smooth but heavyweight rhythms that feature both a shiny modern surface and a deep respect for reggae tradition.” -CD Hotlist

Released April 7, 2017

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